Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trevor Rocks Fudd Wall - Make Tea not war

Never a truer word said

Deej & Matt contemplating the 6C+

Thurs 14th July
Another glorious evening at Trevor this time just to the right of Fudd Wall. Gotta make the best of some half descent weather.
We have go at some of the best lines

Andy M, Sky & Daymo

Snakes in the Grass (6b) *
Super Furry Frogs (6a+) * Nice one Daymo & AndyM
Long Legged Lizard from Liverpool (6a) * yes ok, a lot of swearing from me but the beta does say 'tricky few at the top' so i recon it's justified.
Deej finishes off the night in fine moonlit style with Margin of Error (6c) * on Compact Wall, 'how does e do it' !!!!!

Eee's so fast ees  just a blurr i tell yah

We hear noises like a distressed animal, Matt is truly having a go at the 6c on top rope, fair play, he perseveres.
Anyone thinking of putting up a new route please call it "A Werther's Original, officer!" mail me and i'll explain.
Think I need to get a noddy dog and a hat for the back shelf of the Volvo diesel estate, mmmmmmmmmm

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  1. Great Photos and a great evening,love the look on Matts face about to do that 6c+