Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Trevor Rocks DM Wall - Thurs 7th July

A nearby suicide sheep tops out a 6b route next door pushing for that last clip of special grass.
"eee's goona deck i tell you, put yur elmet on" says Andy.
Another glorious evening on the Clwydian Limestone at Trevor, and as the evening sun bathes the wall in golden light, the voices of angels play in my ears. Have i slipped, and gone to heaven. Eeerrr probably not as i can still hear Andy's running comentary on the sheep epic.
"Eeees gonna go now, ave you got a knife cus we'll ve to finish i'm off, its the only kind thing to do" says Andy
"I saw Rob's Spatha on is bag" says Daymo
Yeah thanks Daymo, just concentrate on belaying rather than the freezer full of lamb.
Ruling out potential spiritual wakening and the imminent appearance of the angel Gabriel, we decide the ethereal tones of a choir are rising up from the valley floor. 'Wow this is awesome I recon it's coming from the Eisteddfod down in Llangollen'.http://www.international-eisteddfod.co.uk/
The setting sun cools the breeze, i slip on my trusty Arcteryx Atom jacket and empty the contents of the napoleon pocket, dried sheep poo, stuffed in their the week before. Ahhhhh i ask you........  
We finish off  few routes, one with nice little groove. Daymo decided wasn't not hard enough and humps the bulge to the left instead
Andy gets the penultimate climb, the nice little 4* Dim Parcio, in the dark Daymo misses a few clips out on the last route of the evening. Checking our rucsacs for additional limestone ballast we toddle off.
The sheep survived.

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  1. Hey that photo of me looks like I am very high, scared now