Wednesday, 5 December 2012

More snow..... keep it coming - Ogwen, Sunday 2nd December

You need just the right amount of snow to bring out the bones, veins and arteris of the mountain. To much, and a familiar face is lost in the crowd. To little, and the familiar is overlooked. I can think of  numerous times on a summer evening when a setting sun has cast just the right shaddow, shouting out an unknown subtle ridge or buttress. A flurry of snow does the same, creating small neural pathways of ice, a marbled fillet of rock.

On the way up Tin Can Alley i exchanged the usual greetings with a bright Yellow waterproof, 'mornin, lookin like good un today' unexpectedly the waterproof replied "Rob? bloody ell not seen you in years", 1/2 a second later, "Bloody 'ell Dave, not seen you either, how you doing?" Chat chat chat....... who's alive? not dead i hope, Chat chat..keep in touch. Dave went up Tryfan.
We carry on "That was Dave, you remember, Dave the Poet," "ooooh yeah" He's quite good you know

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