Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pen yr Ole Wen - Sunday 19th Feb

How accurate are the met Office forecasts?
Logged onto the Met Office Mountain Forecast for Snowdonia around 7.30 Sunday morning, they suggested that it should clear up approx 3pm. My experience has been that the Met office’s classification of afternoon usually means about 5’o’clock. Let’s see how accurate they were going to be today.
A winter walk up the East ridge of Pen yr Ole Wen, we started off around 11am, most of the fresh snow was at the 600m contour, with the cloud hovering around 700m. With a thaw on, the swampy area of Afon Lloer was softening up nicely thank you. Once on the ridge the snow was a bit more stable, though not much depth in Hourglass or Broad gullies. On top of Pen yr Ole Wen there was the usual rind of ice cementing the stones and filling in the gaps. We continued onto Carnedd Dafydd then stopped for a quick bite & brew. It was now getting on 3pm, fair play, give or take a few minutes it started to clear. Descending by way of the spur back down to Ffynnon Lloer, the cloud carried on lifting and rendered some stunning  winter colours.

A friend Deej, had texted Saturday to say he was going up to ‘Crimpiau’ to finish off some sketches for a painting, I called him to see how he was getting on. Although rather cold, he was having to stop his watercolours from freezing by adding a drop of Gin. Apart from cold toes, Deej reckoned the light was of a classic quality. Quoting an observation allegedly attributed to Turner, ‘It's ffffecking brrrrilliant mate’.......... can’t wait to see the results.

Appologies, i know i have a tad overcooked the HDR, i'll fix it in the mix.

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