Monday, 12 September 2011

Cleeve - Castle Rock - Thurs 8th September

Funny enough the rock was that colour

Last rays

It's getting  bit late in the year now, but what the hell we can still squeeze out couple more evenings outside, just need  few more cycle lights or a generator.

HDR mode creates some weird
 We've been trying to work out a few routes only using specific holds.

Deej pic below was on the the slight bulge between E2 routes 9&10 in the Wye valley guide. You can only use holds above the bulge and to the left of 10 Eliminate 3.

Just realised whilst playing arround with the HDR app on the moby, it's actually quite good for pics of routes as it picks out loads of detail, mmm i forsee some experiments.
The light in the West

Deej cranking out on Fung named due to the initial move.

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