Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Cleeve - Castle Rock - Thurs 25th August

Len and Daymo

Castle rock at Cleeve, always been a favourite, pretty good spot for workout on Limestone, the slight overhang really punishes the arms. Yes it's polished to hell at the bottom but it still manages to entertain. South West facing it dries really quickly after rain and at this time of the year, being high up it manages to catch the last of the sun as it disapears behind the Black Mountains in the far distance.

Few small sections further over to the right of the main crag

Sunset last Thurs 25.08
As for wildlife mmm, couple of years ago a girl was wearing a helmet at the base of the crag and a baby adder plopped on her head, appart from that a few bats.
Take care as there is a lot of lose debris on the top at the moment and after each winter the crag often sheds a few lumps. Routes used to be in the old Climber Club Wye Valley guide, maybe now in new Symonds Yat or see UKC

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